Richie Furay – Stand Your Guard tab

Stand Your Guard

D          /E  /D  C                             G
Oh darlin' hold on take it another step further along
D                      /E  /D          C                            G
Rest assured when your life is through you gave your heart all it's due

Em                    D
Right now it seems so far away
Em                       D
But I could never stop believing
G                      F#m
The hope within me is alive today
Em                        Bm 
I'll stick around I ain't leavin'

Em                       D
I know it's hard to be misunderstood
Em                                D
And I'm glad you read between the lines
G                         F#m
I've tried to be the best friend that I could
Em                              Bm   A
Ain't no more cause for passin' time


Maybe I ain't got the golden touch
The kind that's music to your ear
What gain would I have not much
For the words you wanna hear

Keep your distance now and stand your guard
Though I never meant to threaten you
You've played your hand I've seen your cards
What happens now is up to you

Chorus  (solos over D and Dsus4)

by: José Duarte
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