Richie Furay – Ive Got A Reason tab

Left handed
I've Got A Reason

Gm  Bb  F

       Dm          Am      Gm
Been a child in my life, a child in my dreams
It seemed forever
              Bb                   F  
That I'd get ahold of myself in between

Dm          Am      		Gm
Nothin' for certain at least it seemed so anyway
And I was wondering 
     Bb                     F   Fsus4  F      
What I would become or what may

Bb                                   F    Fsus4  F
Music was my life, finally took everything
         Bb                                 F
Ain't it funny how you got it all and not a thing
 Gm                Bb 
(It's a gift I can sing)

F          Bb         F           Bb
I've got a reason for living each day
F          Bb         F         Bb
I've got a reason for makin' it pay
        F          Bb         F       Bb
If it's only for a moment and only my way
F          Bb         F        Bb          F   Gm   Bb  F
I've got a reason, a time and a season

I was takin' it for granted a little more than I should
I had it easy, ummm,
Was life ever doing me good

I had it all written, how the story would end
But I ran out of pages and
I was left all alone with the pen
The story's still got a line and the song'll still rhyme
The names are the same, they're yours and they're mine
(I guess I knew it all the time)


by: José Duarte
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