Richie Kotzen – Loose Again tab

-Loose Again- Richie Kotzen

Intro A9 C#m7 G#m7 F#m7|------7-4---------------|-----------------------||--0---5-5-----5----7-5--|--4---4-4-----2---2-2--||--2---6-6-----4----4-4--|--4---6-4-----2---4-2--||--2-----------6----6-6--|--4---4-4-----2---2-2--||--0--0--0--0--4--4---4--|-----------------------||------------------------|--4--4--4--4--2--2--2--|
-Verse- A9 C#m7 i dont wanna talk about it G#m7 F#m7 i just want it did i dont wanna go back inside of what is in you're head you think you walk on higher grounds but you're sinkin' instead F#7 you can claim you never had me A9 E but then you never say you're wrong -Chorus- E B if i lost back when D i have learn't D9 A9 i dont loose again E B if i lost before D i'll make sure D9 A9 i dont loose more Bm7 A9(i'm not very sure that's correct but it sounds) but you know what its like to loose again [Plays the Intro] yeah -Verse- i wont every call you crazy i dont say im same i dont wanna run back into it that will shake the pain you think you still got hold of me but you're reaching in vain you only earn this hardworks ... and so you never wake up strong -Chorus- if i lost back when i have learn't i dont loose again if i lost before i'll make sure i dont loose more but you know what its like to loose again [Plays the Intro]but stays in F#m7 yeah Ends with Bm7 and A9! thanks
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