Richmond Fontaine - Northline tab

I don't know the refrain of this song.Richmond Fontaine is my favourite group so if some 
have any chord of another song write it.

Intro:D D   G C
      D D   G C

D               G C
We'd meet before work
This skinhead girl I used to work with
I know it ain't right
but it was her boyfriend's belief I believed
and her scarred up white legs
and her blood shot blue eyes

Northline sleeping in the back of a Monte Carlo
her letters turned to postcards and then they
never appeared

Now there's a Mexican radio station coming through the wall
and her letters lay on the floor covered in
hearts and a drawn rose
maybe he was just adding weight to a broken back
maybe he was just adding weight to an already broken back
but my justification seemed clear
she was lost and isolation is my biggest fear
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