Rick Pino - Your Love Is Like chords

EM7your love is like the rain
BM7falling on my soul
EM7its covering every place
BM7its making gardens grow
EM7your sweetness overflows
BM7pouring from your lips
EM7kisses from above
BM7let the heavens drip
(flow) EM7-BM7-EM7-BM7 same chords as verse1: your love is like a room full of precious jewels it takes my breath away its riches beyond words when its just me and you i cant remember storms all that i can do is melt into your arms Chorus:
E F#4your love is like the ocean
E F#4im drowning in your presence
B2 Egetting lost in the gaze of your eyes
E G#m F#/Bb B2getting lost in the warmth of your smile
we love you we love you we love you we love you
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