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The Office values

The song is from the Office specials for Microsoft training - David Brent.
Am                           G           F
Business man rich in his rolls-royce of gold
Laughs at the beggar cause heís poor and old
But the joke is on him as the homeless replies
I feel sorry for you with your money and lies

C/G                         G                F   
He says look at my home the streets and the parks
Look at my ceiling the stars in the dark
Take a look in the larder, the things that just grew
Am                          G                F
Take a look in the mirror, at me, youíll see you.

C/G                    G          F   
Remember the weak, remember the poor
Remember the junkie, remember the whore
Donít just worship money or manner of things
Am                                 G                 F
Donít just worship the bishop the lord and the kinggggsss

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