Ricky Nelson - String Along tab version 1

Standard tuning

Intro (and main rhythm for song)

Verse 1 (w/ intro progression) String along, that's all i am is just your String along, someone that you just seem to Bring along, whenever you are all alone And need some company you always turn to me Verse 2 (w/intro progression) String along, that's all i do is sorta String along, you never seem to notice I'm along, I just want you to want me too Oh how i hope and pray That you'll need me someday Guitar solo (notes are right but at end he does a riff to switch from key of C to C# and little etchy on that part but I'll give it a shot)
e----------------------------------9b------|b--5-5-5-8-5---------7-6-7-7-9-9-9----9----|g------------7-----------------------------| (bit etchy on this part going tod--------------7/6-6-----------------------| try to figure out and reposta------------------------------------------| later)e------------------------------------------|
Chord Progression now goes to C#,Bbm,F#,G# for rest of song Hope you enjoy Notation guide b-bend r-release ~-let note ring The Rocnracer rocking out tabs to you!!!!!!!
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