Ricky Nelson - You Are The Only One tab

You Are The Only One:Ricky Nelson

[C]           [G]         [G7]         [C]
You are the only one, my one and only one,
                     [F]               [G]                   
together we've had a lot of fun, but what'll I do if
you leave me?
[C]                      [F]              [G]                   
If someone else should come along and take your love 
from me,                          
                   [F]               [G]              [C]
darlin', you could never know, how lonely I would be.


[C]                 [F]                [G]                 [C]
I tried to be the kinda guy, you'd want to call your own,
[C]                      [F]               [G]                  
so please don't go and throw away, the truest love
you've known.

[F]                   [G]              [C]
What'll I do if you ever take your love from me?
      [D]               [D7]              [G]       [G7]
Cause in your arms is where I always, want to be.

[C]                  [F]           [G]                    
If you should ever go away, my eyes would fill 
with tears,
                   [F]                  [G]               
and the heartaches I would feel would last a
thousand years.

[G]                   [C]                        
What'll I do if you leave me? (x2)

A fifties smash from Kraziekhat.
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