Ricky Skaggs – Cajun Moon chords

[C] The moon is full and my heart is why
[G] I love to dance oh [C] me oh mygonna have more fun than a tree in a coon
[G] tonight's the dance of the [C] Cajun Moon Chorus [F] Cajun [C] Moon [G] nugget of [C] gold [F] river of [C] light on the [G] bayou [F] you're just like [C] rain [G] to a love in [Am] bloom so [F] shine on [C] me [G] oh [G] Cajun [C] Moon Pick ups and wagons 'round the river road shack bonfires draw in a crowd out back step through the door and I see my Sheri that's when I see her mamas eyes on me Chorus Guitar, a squeeze box, a fiddle, a bow little band a-playin' every song they know old woman sittin' there and yellin' for more my heart is willin', but my feet - they're so sore! Chorus Once more we're waltzin' to Jolie Blond I lean in closer and Sheri responds her mama's smilin' as we slip from the room to sit and stare at the Cajun Moon
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