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From: jlg@mail.utexas.edu (Loyd Gattis)

Ride: "Blown Away" from Carnival of Light

e|---------------|B|---------------|G|-------2-------| opening riff (A chord)D|-0-2-0---2-0-2-|A|---------------|E|---------------|
e|-----------------|B|-2---0-2-3-2-0---|G|---2-----------2-| riff 1 (also an A chord--sounds a lot like the Beatles'D|-----------------| "Here Comes the Sun")A|-----------------|E|-----------------|
A F# G A F# G A B This night these memories lost and found A (riff 1) F# G A Are taking over me B I could see your picture and hear the sound B A (riff 1) F# G A Of the song you sung to me E B You gotta feel and take every chance G You did the right thing A Drove a thousand miles away E B Out of trace and in another time G You did the wrong thing A And bought it back in your mind D A A F# A F# Why's life so unkind? A B For always and ever it's getting better A (riff 1) F# G I feel your steps with mine A B I'm moving on like it said in the letter A (riff 1) F# G Another place, another time A G F G A A G F G A Blown away, blown away, blown away A Blown away Got blown away, a thousand miles away Posted by jlg@mail.utexas.edu (Loyd Gattis) February 5, 1995
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