Right Away Great Captain – Down To Your Soul tab

	       Down To Your Soul - Right Away Great Captain
Tabbed by:Louis d


this is how i figure its played... no one else had anything. so if you figure out 
more, please put it up. 

G C D F#G Em(3 is played sometimes)e|---3---| |---0---| |---3---| |---3---| |---0(3)-|B|---0---| |---1---| |---2---| |---0---| |---0----|G|---0---| |---0---| |---3---| |---0---| |---0----|D|---0---| |---2---| |---0---| |---0---| |---2----|A|---2---| |---3---| |-------| |---2---| |---2----|E|---3---| |-------| |-------| |---2---| |---0----|
during the G, theres this little walk down the b string. then up the B string
e|----3--0--0--3----| |--3-----0--3----|B|----0--3--1--0----| |--0--3-----0----|G|----0--0--0--0----| |--0--0--0--0----|D|----0--0--0--0----| |--0--0--0--0----|A|----2--2--2--2----| |--2--2--2--2----|E|----3--3--3--3----| |--3--3--3--3----|
During the D, there is a little riff on the second verse
e|----2~~~~~~~~~~~| B|----3~~~~~~~~~~~| G|----2--4-4-4p2p0| D|----0~~~~~~~~~~~| A|----------------| E|----------------|
chorus consists of these little guys C b a G e DG|-------------------------------|D|--2--0--2------------4~~~~-----|A|--3--2--0--2~~~~2~~~~5~~~~-----|E|-----------3~~~~0~~~~----------|
while the outro goes like this C b a G e D C G e D C G e CG|--------------------------|----------------------------------------|D|--2--0--2------------4~~~~|2~~~~----------4~~~~2~~~~----------2~~~~|A|--3--2--0--2~~~~2~~~~5~~~~|3~~~~2~~~~2~~~~5~~~~3~~~~2~~~~2~~~~3~~~~|E|-----------3~~~~0~~~~-----|-----3~~~~0~~~~----------3~~~~0~~~~-----|
D G e D C D e C DG|-------------------------------------------------|D|--4~~~~----------4~~~~2~~~~4~~~~-----2~~~~4~~~~~~|A|--5~~~~2~~~~2~~~~5~~~~3~~~~5~~~~2~~~~3~~~~5~~~~~~|E|-------3~~~~0~~~~---------------0~~~~------------|
[intro is the G with the walks...] C D G I'm a traitor to your flesh in a stone C D G (F#E) Em You're gonna read about the way, the way a man can go C D G F#E Em I'm a good man, are you a good man? does a good man take you home? C D Em With a rejoicing mouth I sing for you and pause. chorus C b a G e D And I know you don't know what I'm capable of. C b a G e D But in time you'll taste all the salt in my lungs. [intro style G] C D(lil' riff) G And I see things I actually don't see. C D(lil) G F#E Em I knew it wasn't actually you a few feet from my reach. C D(lil) G F#E Em I looked into your eyes and I began to lose my teeth, C D(lil) Em And I felt you were dreaming the same thing. chorus/bring/outro/catchy part C b a G e D And I know you don't know what I'm capable of C b a G e D But if you give me just one more minute I'm sure C b a G G D That you would be shaking right down to your soul C b a G e D And I'd hope that the fear of the lord brings me home. C G e D(the real on...) I'm a man in a body of water so tall C G e C Could swallow you whole and forget where he's going D G e D But I carved a map in the back of my arm C D e Don't worry I'm coming home C D I said don't worry cause I'm coming home. [intro G] fin.
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