Right Away Great Captain - Right Ahead Young Sailor chords

Tuning: Standard EADGBe
CAPO on 6th Fret

C    032010
G    320033
G/F# 220033
Em   022000
D    000232
Dsus 000233
Asus xx023x

The transition from G/F# to Em has a hammer-on from all open strings to Em.

C G G/F# Em DOh, sweet Anna did you mean to do this to me? I've been trying hard to be rational.
C G G/F# EmWhat a woman, what a woe that you give to me. How long can I count to a thousand?
C G G/F# Em DI tried drinking but the bottle is still empty. I can only hope for a fresh one.
C G G/F# Em D CYou tried loving but I guess you could not love me. How long can you count to a thousand?
G G/F# Em CI could be the bigger man, bigger man. Yeah, I could be the bigger man, bigger man.
G G/F# EmBut I just want to kill a man, kill a man. Really, what's a bigger man?
C G G/F# EmOh, young sailor do you see what your captain sees? Love is nothing more than an action.
C G G/F# Em DWhat an ocean, what a world, on the big blue seas. You can change it all if you want to.
C G G/F# EmMy good leader, what a self loving web you weave. I have got a son and a daughter.
C G G/F# Em D CMy young sailor, what a point that you just can't see. Don't you think that they need a father?
G G/F# Em CSo, pull yourself together man, smaller man. And do it for a bigger man, bigger man.
G G/F# EmHow easy it would be if we could see the plan. But, really what's a plan?
Outro chords: C G D Dsus D C G Asus
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