Right Away Great Captain – Blame chords ver. 2

Left handed
Intro: C G Em D
       C G Em

C G Em CI know you must know it now, my organs have stoned.
C G Em DMy fingers are numb around your warm pulsing throat.
C G Em CAnd I whisper "My wife.." She opens her pale eyes.
C G Em DShe smiled, so I smiled. And I got what I deserved.
C G Em CThis house was my flowered heart, my petals have fallen.
C G Em D"Do you love him, tell me now or I'll show you my scars."
C G C GAnd you will bow boldly and tell me your sorry,
C G DBut you're hardly moving, wake up and give me what I know I deserve.
C G Em D C G Em
C G Em CThe farmers wife heard it from the street down below,
C G Em DAnd later fully recalled each harrowing note.
C G C GAnd she will cry holy spirit has cursed me,
C G DAnd for this my ending sooner then I deserve.
C G Em CThe children weren't lucky to have only used ears.
C G Em DAs I stood on top of him looking down, I felt the fear in their skin,
C G C GThey plead, "Father, did you kill our leader?
C G DOur rock and great teacher, what did he deserve?"
C G C GAnd I reply "No, killed my leeches and the wound that has freed us,
C G DAnd I hope you can see it for what I deserve."
C G Em CThe judge would ask why again was it him and not her?
C G Em DThe only response I could think was to settle my nerve..
C G C GAnd try.. killing my leeches, suffering me speechless.
C G DAbandoning secrets and trust all the same.
C G Em CSo I deserve, what I deserve.
C G EmI deserve, what I deserve.
C C/B Am G Hmmmmmmmmmm..
C C/B Am G Hmmmmmmmmmm..
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