Right Away Great Captain - Im Not Ready To Forgive You tab


:No Capo:

F                   C       E/Am     Am    G
the minute the ship docked i saw your face, in the window
F                C        E/Am    Am     G
you stood like a girl i've always known, always want to
F                  C       E/Am  Am      G
and i fell back in love with you again, didn't want to
F                C        E/Am            Am   G
and i forgot the things i thought that i'd say, didn't have to

F C G G (x2)

(Repeat First Chords again)
and to your left and right there stood my son, and my daughter
but smiling back behind you stood the sum, for departure
so here i stand a man without a plan, or a virtue
i can either spend my life at sea, or be a murderer

F C G G (repeat until end of song)

I'm not ready to forgive you

I'm not ready to forget you
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