Right Away Great Captain - Like Lions Do tab

Artist: Right Away, Great Captain!
Song: Like Lions Do
Album: The Bitter End

Standard Tuning


*5/7/5 (Hit 5 and slide to 7, then slide back to 5, Listen and you will get what I'm talking about.)

Intro X2 (Listen to the picking pattern)

Verses: Sometimes he will hit only the top string of the power chords, so listen to time it. Power Chords: D5: 0577 C5: 0355 B5?:0133 G5: 355 A5: 577 D5 c5 B5? i've been throwing up over this ledge for the last 7 weeks G5 A5 B5? and you've been throwing history to hell D5 C5 B5? i've been writing almost everyday that i've been gone G5 A5 B5? do you still remember how my beard once felt D5 C5 B5? i've been eating seaweed from a whale named emily G5 A5 B5? she could swallow me, or help swallow my pride Part for this line: we wade under the tow like diamonds we wade under the tow like diamonds
we wade under the tow like diamonds we wade under the tow like diamonds Play Intro X2 (Play the same chords from the above verses) i've been watching you look at a locket from your mother or perhaps its from a girl you don't speak of do you miss her when your sleeping do you find it hard to eat when everything reminds you of her stilly ghost so to captains of my captain how can i become i captain get the strength i need to pull this one around Part for these lines: G5 A5 B5? i will wait under the tow like lions G5 A5 B5? i will wait under the tow like lions like lions do. There are 2 guitars now, so listen and play this: Guitar 1: D5 C5 B5? G5 (Listen to the strumming, its accompanied by this)
The other guitar part is the same chords, but strummed everytime. Listen and you will see what im saying. oh my god, what am i doing here? and i walk this ship of golden brown you sit back covered up sounds that don't come from my lips you know they don't come from my lips and you can try to break the silence while you making love with violence to my flesh and blood a traitor oh my flesh and blood are traitors to you now Thats all!
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