Righteous Jams - Thought Vacation tab

Righteous Jams


'Thought Vacation' (this version is from the big cheese magazine fre cd
                    last orders, so may differ slightly to the album
                    version, and is a first attempt so may be incorrect
                    in main verse and intro)


A#5 G#5 A5 G5 F5(or Em)e--X e--X e--X e--X e--X-|B--X B--X B--X B--X B--X-|G--X G--X G--X G--X G--X-|D--8 D--6 D--7 D--5 D--2-|A--8 A--6 A--7 A--5 A--2-|E--6 E--4 E--5 E--3 E--0-|
Intro A#5 G#5-A5 G#5-A5 A#5 A5 A#5 A#5 (X2) Verse A#5 G#5-A5 G#5-A5 A#5 A5 A#5 A#5 (X4) Bridge 1
Bridge 2 A#5 A5 G#5 (X1) Verse 2 (As Verse 1) Solo
(Rhythm Guitar as Bridge)(firs part seems like alot of bends on 9th Fret G then 21st Freg G finishing with something like e-19-19-19--19-19-19-19-17-19-15-----| B--------------------------------17--| G------------------------------------| D------------------------------------| A------------------------------------| E------------------------------------|
Verse 3/Outro G5 A5 F5 G5 A5 F5 G5 A5 A#5 A5 G5 A5 F5 (X4) By BR.
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