Rihanna - Take A Bow tab version 3

Take A Bow

Tuning: EADGBe
Capo: 4th Fret (Rihanna)

Intro C G Am7 F C G Am7 Fe-------3---------|----0-0h1---1-----|-------3---------|----0-0h1---1-----|B-----1------0-0h1-|-------------3-1-|-----1------0-0h1-|-------------3-1-|G---0------0------|---0-------------|---0------0------|---0---------------|D-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-------------------|A-3---------------|-0---------------|-3---------------|-0-----------------|E---------3-------|---------1-------|---------3-------|---------1---------|
C G Am7 F C G Bb9|-------3---------|----0-0h1---1----|-------3---------|-1-----1----------||----1-----0-0h1--|-------------3-1-|----1------3-0h1-|-1---------1------||--0------0-------|---0-------------|---0-------0-----|-3---3-------3----||-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-3-3-----------3--||-3---------------|-0---------------|-3---------------|-1----------------||---------3-------|---------1-------|---------3-------|-1----------------|
Verse C G Am7 F C G Am7 F You look so dumb right now, Standin' outside my house, C G Am7 F Tryin' to apologize, Youíre so ugly when you cry, C G/B Bb9 Please, just cut it out. Chorus C G Am7 F and Donít tell me youíre sorry 'cause youíre not, C G Bb9 Baby when I know youíre only sorry you got caught, C G Am7 F But you put on quite a show, You really had me goin', C G Am7 F But now itís time to go Curtainís finally closin' C G Am7 F Dm7 That was quite a show, Very entertainin', C/E F But itís over now (but it's over now), F C/E Bb9 Go on and take a bow, Bridge F9 G Am7 Dm7 And the award for the best liar goes to you C/E F9 G Am7 For makin' me believe that you could be faithful to me, Bb9 Let's hear your speech out, C G Am7 F How about a round of applause, C G/B Bb9 A standin' ovation.
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