Rilo Kiley – Does He Love You tab

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Rilo Kiley - Does he love you

G          D/F#
Get a real job
         F6                                      C              D
Keep the wind at your back and the sun on your face
G                 D/F#
All the immediate unknowns
      F6                                  C           D    Dsus
Are better than knowing this tired and lonely fate
Does he love you?
Does he love you?
Dadd9             A7                C           D
Will he hold your tiny face in his hands?

G                    D/F#
I guess it's spring, I didn't know
   F6                                    C        D
It's always seventy-five with no melting snow
G               D/F#
A married man, he visits me
  F6                                       C       D    Dsus
I receive his letters in the mail twice a week
And I think he loves me
And when he leaves her
Dadd9        A7        C        D
He's coming out to California

G                D/F#
I guess it all worked out
          F6                                  C        D
There's a ring on your finger and the baby's due out
G                        D/F#
You share a place by the park
          F6                     C        D      Dsus
And run a shop for antiques downtown
And he loves you
Yeah he loves you
Dadd9            A7                 C       D
And the two of you will soon become three
And he loves you
Even though you
Dadd9           A7                    C       D
Used to say you were flawed if you weren't free

Em                          B7
Let's not forget ourselves good friend
Dadd9                  C
You and I were almost dead
And you're better off for leaving
Yeah you're better off for leaving

Repeat Verse x2

Late at night
I get the phone
         F6                      C       D
You're at the shop sobbing all alone
      G               D/F#
Your confession it's coming out
You only married him
                        C            D     Dsus
You felt your time was running out
But now you love him
And your baby
     Dadd9    A7   C           D
At last you are complete
         Em              B7
But he's distant and you found him
       Dadd9             A7      C
On the phone pleading, saying, 'baby I love you'
And I'll leave her and I'm coming out to California"

Em                              B7
Let's not forget ourselves good friend
Dadd9                   C
I am flawed if I'm not free
And your husband will never leave you
He will never leave you for me

Em B7 Dadd9 A7 C D  <
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