Rilo Kiley – Dream World tab

			     Rilo Kiley - Dreamworld
Well i love this song and haven't seen correct versions on the net at this point.  So i 
to do it myself.
   Didn't take too long.  May be a note off beat here or there but i remain confident 
it is
   accurate enough to get you on your way if you wanna learn the song.

Noteworthy: the rhythms chords i put out can be done one of two ways when you are 
with one or two guitars.

Rhythm figure 1a is how i play it when i'm jamming with the recording.
i find it sounds more plentiful than figure 1b.
rhythm figure 1b is alot more simple and sounds just as good.
in fact i think the rhythm in the recording is a combination of both at different points 
the song.
listen to the recording and decide for yourself.  Whichever figure you choose, is used 
the entire song.

Tabbed by: Eric Aari Duhamel (cardboard.scene)

Tuning:Standard (capo 3rd)

Intro riff Rhythm 1a or Rhythm 1b queuee|--------------------------|---------------------------------|--------------|B|-------0----------0-------|---------------------------------|--------------|G|--------0-----------------|---------------------------------|--------------|D|-----5---------7---7--:x2-|---5-----/-9-\-7----/-9-\-7-\-5--|--5-----7-----|A|---3----------5-----------|---3-----/-7-\-5----/-7-\-5-\-3--|--3-----5-----|E|--------------------------|---------------------------------|--------------|
Intro lead with rhythm figuree|-------7-7-----------7-7-------------------7-7-----------------------------|B|---8-8-----8-8--8--8-----8-8--8/10--10--10-----10-10---10--10-10-10--------|G|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Intro lead cont.second time let note ring into verse.e|-7-7----------------|B|-----10-10------8~--|G|-----------:x2------|D|--------------------|A|--------------------|E|--------------------|
verse 1 is rhythm figure w/ fills queued at the beginningof each bar. last two bars are filled with notes from theintro. the fills are something like this.e|---------------------------------------------------------------|B|---10-10-----8-8----------0-----0-------------0-----0----------|G|---------------------------------------------------------------|D|------------------x2--------5-----5-------------7-----7-----x2-|A|------------------------3-----3-------------5-----5------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------|
verse 2 is rhythm figure w/ intro lead (palmed and more subtle).
solo bit. well, this is not an exact replicate of the solo, but the basis is sound i you.its also played on the recording with rhythm figure and intro lead figure.i will be specific about that in the song layout below.e|---12--12-12-12--10-------------------------12--12-12-12--10---------------|B|--------------------12---10----10--10h12~--------------------12---10----10-|G|----------------------------12---------------------------------------12----|D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
solo bit cont.e|------------------|B|-10h12-12---------|G|----------11------|D|-------------:x2--|A|------------------|E|------------------|
Verse 3 is rhythm figure w/ fills queued at the end of each bar.
This part was so hard to follow. this is my interpretation of what i hear going on with lead on the 3rd verse.sorry if its confusing or disappointing.e|--------------------------------------------------------------------0------|B|---------------------------------------------------0---0-----------3-------|G|------------------------------------------------0-2-2---2---------0--------|D|-----------------------------------------------------0---0-----------------|A|--3-3-3-2-0--/5---5-5-5-3-2--2/3~--3-3-3-2-0-/5--------------3-------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
verse 3 fills cont.e|----------------------------------------------0-------------------0--------|B|-----------------------------------------------0-------------------0-------|G|-------------------4-----------------------0----0--------------------------|D|------------------7-7--------------------5--5-----------------7------------|A|--3-3-3-2-0--/5--5---5--5-5-3-2-2/3----3------------------3/5---5----------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
verse 3 fills cont. (repeat below section and follow into end of verse)e|---0---0---0---0-----|B|----3---3---3---3----|G|-----4---4---0---0---|D|---------------------|A|---------------------|E|---------------------|
Song layout: Intro riff w/rhythm fig queue. Intro lead queue w/ rhythm fig. Verse one: rhythm fig w/ verse 1 fills. Chorus: rhythm fig/ with intro riff. Verse two: rhythm fig w/ intro lead Chorus: rhythm fig/ with intro riff. Solo bit w/ intro lead and rhythm fig. Verse Three: rhythm fig w/ verse 3 fills. Chorus: rhythm fig w/intro LEAD. Outro: rhythm fig into rhythm fig w/ solo bit x4 Unofficial Lyric Sheet: she was the girl with the string around her neck with the boy who could only give her less it could be more if she learned to never expect and now she's her and him and then a baby. Next,the wedding bells won't ring, but she could care less, how you exist, when you're living in a dreamworld. you're livin in a dreamworld you're livin in a dreamworld you're livin in a dreamworld he grew up drinking milk from the cow, from the farm he was the traders fathers, fathers, father his father made him go give back to his country he gave his both knees overseas to fight the disease it's spreading fast over maps and it don't look back, when you're living in a dreamworld you're livin in a dreamworld you're livin in a dreamworld yeah you're livin in a dreamworld it is a lie in science fiction waits, (???) just like a journey to see on free time(???) three times the size of the people that came before me and you and what we'd do for money this greed and jealousy turn to need see, i'm a man with a plan to use my head touch your nose, you're the girl who wanted more (???) now baby, the story has faded from love to lie. the clover under your feet is shooting stars in the night. the people under your feet are shooting stars in the night. the people, all that you meet, they're living in a dreamworld. you're livin in a dreamworld you're livin in a dreamworld you're livin in a dreamworld | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ===============================================================================
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