Rilo Kiley - Absence Of God tab

The Absence of God
by Rilo Kiley

Tabbed by Philip Lee

This song does not yet have an official title.  The following is based
upon a live recording on 10/15/2002.

Chord Definitions

D  D7  Dmaj7  Dmaj9  Em  F#m  G  A  A/C#  A7  Asus4 Bm
2  2   X      0      0   2    3  0  0     0   0     2
3  1   2      2      0   2    0  2  2     2   3     3
2  2   2      2      0   2    0  2  2     0   2     4
0  0   0      0      2   4    0  2  2     2   2     4
X  X   X      X      2   4    2  0  4     0   0     2
X  X   X      X      0   2    3  X  X     X   X     X

Chords With Lyrics

D  Dmaj9  G  A
D  Dmaj9  G  A

D               Dmaj7             G        A
The absence of God will bring you comfort, baby

    D                  Dmaj7            G                F#m
and planning's for the poor so let's pretend that we're rich

        Bm x 2               Asus4        A
and I'm not my body or what I choose to do with it

D                 Dmaj7          G       A
Folk singers sing songs for the working, baby

D              Dmaj7               G                   F#m
We're just recreation for all those doctors and those lawyers

           Bm x 2                        
there's no relief for their heavy hearts

                Asus4     A    
cause they'll be losing bodies tonight

D  Dmaj9  G  A
D  Dmaj7  G  A
D  D

    Em          A            F#m      Bm
And Rob says maybe love won't let you down

Em          A           F#m       Bm
all of your failures are training grounds

    Em   F#m  G    A      Bm            A/C#   A7
and just as   your back's turned you'll be surprised he says

as your solitude subsides

D Dmaj7 G A

           D                      Dmaj7 
We could be daytime drunks if we wanted,

                  G                   A
we'd never get anything done that way baby

          D         Dmaj7         G         F#m
And we'd still be ruled by our dueling perspectives

           Bm x 2
and I'm not my story or perspective

        Asus4          A         
or the lies I'll tell you every time

D D7

    Em            A                  F#m       Bm
And Rob says you love, love, love and then you die

     Em      F#m G     A   Bm   A/C# A7         A
I've watched him while sleeping and seen him cry with closed eyes

D Dmaj7 G A
D Dmaj7 G A

    D                           Dmaj7            G             A
And you're not happy but you're funny and I'm tripping over my joy

D                   Dmaj7           G    A
 but I just keep on getting up again

D Dmaj7 G A
D Dmaj7 G F#m
Bm Bm Asus4 A

F#m               Bm
 Teach you how to swim

            F#m            Bm
you turn the bad in me into good again

Em F#m G A Bm A/C# A7 A
D D7

    Em             A            F#m          Bm
And I say there's trouble when everything is fine

    Em           A               F#m             Bm
the need to destroy things creeps up on me every time

    Em   F#m G     A     Bm   A/C#   A7
and just as love's silhouette appears

                          A           D       D7
I close my eyes and disappear with you tonight

   F#m                  Bm
and something's got to change

         F#m                   Bm
cause our love's the slowest moving train

Em F#m G A Bm A/C# A7 A

28 Seconds of Tablature
h = hammer on
p = hammer off

D Dmaj9 G A hp hp hp------232-------|------020-------|------232-------|------------5---|3---------3-----|2---------2-----|0---------0-----|2-----3-------2-|--2---------2---|--2-------------|----------------|----------------|0---0---------0-|0---0-------0---|--0-------------|----------------|----------------|--------------0-|--------------0-|0-0-0---0-0-----|----------------|----------------|3---------------|----------------|
D Dmaj9 G A hp hp hp------232-------|------020-------|------232-------|5-3-2-0---------|3---------3-----|2---------2-----|0---------0-----|--------3-3---2-|--2---------2---|--2-------------|----------------|----------------|0---0---------0-|0---0-------0---|--0-------------|----------------|----------------|--------------0-|--------------0-|----------------|----------------|----------------|3---3-----------|----------------|
D Dmaj7 G A----------------|----------------|------3---------|------0---------|3-----3-----3---|2-----3-----2---|0-----0-----0---|2-----2-----2---|----------------|----------------|------------0---|----------------|0-0-0---0-0---0-|0-0-0---0-0---0-|--0-------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|0---0-----0---0-|----------------|----------------|3---3-----3-----|----------------|The absence of God will bring you comfort, baby and
D Dmaj7 G F#m------0---------|----------------|------3---------|------2---------|3-----3-----3---|2-----3-----2---|0-----0-----0---|2-----2-----2---|----------------|----------------|------------0---|----------------|0-0-0---0-0---0-|0-0-0---0-0---0-|--0-----0-------|--4-------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|----4-----------|----------------|----------------|3---3-----3-----|2---------2-----|planning's for the poor so let's pretend that we're rich and I'm
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