Rilo Kiley – Its A Hit tab

			  IT'S A HIT - Rilo Kiley
Tabbed by: dave

Tuning: Standard (EADGBe)

F(x4) C (x4) (X2)

F                  C
Any chimp can play human for a day.
F                                    C
Use his opposable thumbs to iron his uniform
    F                 C
and run for office on election day
F                    C
fancy himself a real decision maker
F                           C   (with guitar lick x2)
and deploy more troops than salt shakers.

F                      G      C
But it's a jungle when war is made,
F                                   G           C
and you'll panic and throw your own shit at the enemy.
F                G                   C    B/G
The camera pulls back to reveal your true identity.
Am           F
Look, it's a sheep in wolf's clothing.
A smoking gun holding ape.

Guitar Lick X2

F                         C
Any asshole can open up a museum.
               F                  C
Put all of the things he loves on display

so everyone could see them.
F                              C
The house, a car, a thoughtful wife
F                                C
ordinary moments in his ordinary life.

Guitar Lick X 1

F                                 G        C
But if she breaks a smile, she'll give you away
       F               G               C
'cause no one wants to pay to see your happiness.
F               G               C   B/G
No one wants to pay to see your day to day
Am          F 
and I'm not buying it either
G                       F
but I'll try selling it anyway.

Guitar Lick X 4
Trumpet Lick X 4

F                  C
Any idiot can play Greek for a day
F                      C
and join a sorority or write a tragedy
    F                     C
and articulating all that pain
    F                C  
and maybe you'll get paid.

Guitar Lick X1

           F        G           C
But it's a sin when success complains,
         F                 G          C
and your writers block- it don't mean shit.
F                         G        C   B/G  Am
Just throw it against the wall and see what sticks.
Gotta write a hit.
I think this is it.
It's a hit.

Guitar Lick X 2
Trumpet Lick X 2

You get the idea. It isn't hard.

Guitar Lick:e|-1--1-1h3---1-0--0-8h10p8-------------------------------------------------|B|-1--1-----3---1--1--------------------------------------------------------|G|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Trumpet Lick:e|-----0----------------0------3-0------------------------------------------|B|-1-3----3-1-1-----1-3----3-1-----1----------------------------------------|G|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note =============================================================================
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