Rilo Kiley - Go Ahead tab

Amazing song. Amazing singer.

Tabbed by: Ryan Peterson

This song is just a simple chord progression in 2 different keys with some finger picking.

The patterns of finger picking is pretty much always the same, so you can figure it out.

Example Pattern for C chord:e|--------------------------|B|---1-------1----1-------1-|G|-------0------------0-----|D|---2-----2------2-----2---|A|-3---3--------3---3-------|E|--------------------------|
So once you can do that, the whole song is just a simple progression of: C Dm G There is a little variation with the G chord when she sings "Be my guest"/"I wish you which goes:
e|-3-1-0-----|B|-------0h1-|G|-----------|D|-----------| And then back into the CA|-----------|E|-----------|
However, halfway through the song, the key shifts a half step up while still finger So your new chords are (I like to play them barred, there might be other ways to play these): C# D#m G#
e|-4-| e|-6-| e|-4-|B|-6-| B|-7-| B|-4-|G|-6-| G|-8-| G|-5-|D|-6-| D|-8-| D|-6-|A|-4-| A|-6-| A|-6-|E|-4-| E|-6-| E|-4-|
That's it. Have fun.
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