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Rise Against – Wholl Stop The Rain tab

ok so this is my first tab thingy!
please tell me what you think!
i heard Rise Against's cover of this song and fell in love with it
you can watch them play it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97o--kJTpRk

since i only have 2 hands and can only play one guitar at a time, i just decided 
to kinda make my own way of doing this song.
it sounds a bit like the original but not as epic.....
well not really lmao, well i like it nevertheless...
its in standard tuning and its basically just the G chord and the C chord a bunch 
of times with a few D chords
and Bm's so its really easy. (if i can play it you can play it, TRUST ME)

ok here it is
it may not be exactly right

INTRO: G G G C C C e|---3333---3333---3333-.---------0000---0000---0000-----| B|---0000---0000---0000-.---------1111---1111---1111-----| \ X2G|---0000---0000---0000-.---------0000---0000---0000-----| / D|---0000---0000---0000-.---------2222---2222---2222-----| A|---2222---2222---2222-.---------3333---3333---3333-----| E|3-333333-333333-333333.3-2-0-0-0----0-0----0-0----0-0-3| \ \ ALTERNATIVE: play up to where the period is, then start the first verse.....
the verses: (for the first verse, if u just played up to the period, then play on! if you did the whole thing, then play up to the period and then play the first verse) G e|---3333--|---------0000-----3333-| B|---0000--|---------1111-----0000-| G|---0000--|---------0000-----0000-| \ X2D|---0000--|---------2222-----0000-| /A|---2222--|---------3333-----2222-| E|3-333333-|3-2-0-0-0----0-3-333333|
verse 1:long as i remember| the rains been comin down. clouds o myst'rey pourin | confusion on the ground. verse 2: I went down virginia | seekin shelter from the storm. Caught up in a fable | we watched the towers grow. *after you play the chorus for verse 2 play the intro, however many times u want lol* verse 3: we heard the singer playing | and how we cheered for more. the crowd had rushed together| just trying to keep warm
Chorus: OK well iM pretty sure this is the chorus G C G C G D Eme|33333-00000-33333-00000-33333-22222-0|B|00000-11111-00000-11111-00000-33333-0|G|00000-00000-00000-00000-00000-22222-0|D|00000-22222-00000-22222-00000-00000-2|A|22222-33333-22222-33333-22222-------2|E|33333-------33333-------33333-------0|
its not that hard of a song, and i actually find this way a bit easier than just switching from chord to chord but thats cuz im a total guitar noob lol questions, comments, hate mail, concerns, deaththreats: email me! :) bulldogsfan487@hotmail.com
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