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****NOTE****: some bits are triplets or syncopated, listen to the song and you'll know
i mean and where. Also listen to it to find out where to rest and when to play. if its
right - i'm sure some bits aren't (first tab)- then leave a comment and i'll fix it if i 
it sounds right thx.

|19191919191917b(19)171512|* <(in brackets: bend 17 to 19 pitch)|-------------------------| ***(19,17,15,12 not 1,9,1,7 etc)|-------------------------||-------------------------||-------------------------|
|121212(1012151719)17(151719171512)|** <(in brackets: quicker (listen to the|----------------------------------| song and you'll find out))|----------------------------------||----------------------------------||----------------------------------|
|1919192222219171512|***<(22's not single 2's. also 19, 17, 15, 12)|-------------------||-------------------||-------------------||-------------------|
|1212151517b(19)17151717b(19)171512|* (in brackets: bend 17 to 19 pitch)|----------------------------------||----------------------------------||----------------------------------||----------------------------------|
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