Rites Of Spring - For Want Of tab

			     FOR WANT OF - Rites of Spring
Tabbed by: MattTheArsonist
Email: sadstatue89@msn.com

Tuning: EADGBe

Pre-Chorus:e|----------------------|---------|B|-------3~----------3~-|---------|G|-----4-----------0----|---2~~---|D|---5------(4)--4------|---2~~---|A|----------------------|---0~~---|E|----------------------|---------| x3
Verse x8 Pre-Chorus x1
Choruse|-------------5-5--5-5--5-5---|--5/7--7-7--5--3~--5--2----------|B|------5---5--5p7--7-7--5-5---|------------------------3~-------|G|----6---6--------------------|--5/7----------------------(2)---|D|-----------------------------|---------------------------------|A|-----------------------------|---------------------------------|E|-----------------------------|---------------------------------| x2
e|-------------5-5--5-5--5-5---|--5/7--7-7--5--3~--5--2----------|B|------5---5--5p7--7-7--5-5---|------------------------3~-------|G|----6---6--------------------|--5/7----------------------(2)---|D|-----------------------------|---------------------------------|A|-----------------------------|---------------------------------|E|-----------------------------|---------------------------------| x2
Verse x8 Pre-Chorus x1 Verse x8 Pre-Chorus x1 Chorus x1
Pre-Chorus x1 The End. Great True Emo song. Great True Emo band. This is around 99% correct. You can fool around and do little variations of the licks, but for the most part this is correct. Enjoy. Lyrics: I - I believed - memory might mirror no reflections on me. I - I believed - that in forgetting I might set myself free. But I woke up this morning, with a piece of past caught in my throat - and then I choked. I - I bled - I tried to hide the heart from the head. I - I bled - in the arms of a girl I'd barely met. And I woke up this morning with the present in splinters on the ground - and then I drowned... And if I can't see it's for want of... You - you said, "I see", if there's nothing here then it's probably mine. My - My turn to see, if there's nothing here t hen it's always be mine. I - I guess I've learned the taste of days that will always burn. I - I guess I've learned if it's in the corner of my eye I can't always turn. And if I don't see it's for want of...
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