Rival Schools - High Acetate tab

Artist - Rival Schools
Song   - High Acetate
Album  - United By Fate
Posted by simmo

This is really rough but it's the jist of a great song that no-one seems to want to tab so use it wisely.

Intro and Verse E|---------------------| B|---------------------| G|------6666------9999-| D|-5555-6666-8888-9999-| A|-5555-4444-8888-7777-| E|-3333------6666------|
Bridge E|---------| B|---------| G|---------| D|-8888888-| A|-8888888-| E|-6666666-|
Chorus E|---0------------0-------| B|--6-6-66-x2----6-6-66-x2| G|-5---5--------7---7-----| Repeat the whole thing then there's a D|------------------------| bridge into the verse A|------------------------| E|------------------------|
B|-9^-| If you listen to the cd you can hear a sort of bend at the end G|-9^-| of the chorus which i think is this but you can probably D|----| ad-lib it. Alternatively you could email it to me and i'll A|----| post it. E|----|
OK that's it. If you have anything to add etc just email me at simmotheaxeman@hotmail.com
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