River City Extension - The Ballad Of Oregon chords

EOf all the things that please you
C#m EYou'd have thought I'd found a way
BThough I probably shouldn't think of it
A EI think most every day
I know you hear my voice sometimes
C#mIt's in a different way
BI feel you in my sleep these nights
EBut lose you come the day-a-hey-hey...
Why don't we go to Oregon
C#m EAnd chase some kind of dream?
BThe sky feels bigger in the country
A EAnd I could use some room to breathe
EWell, I've never felt so lonely
C#m EAs I do when you're with me
BI'll be whistling about my secrets
A EI'll get naked with the trees
BI'll be breaking through the winter
A ECatching glimpses through the seams
EOne more time, singing
Over the line
AThat I want something that just isn't mine
C#m ABut I do...
EGet into whiskey
And I'll settle my mind
AOh, the way things were was treating everyone just fine
C#m AAnd now for you...
EStretching all my thoughts
C#m EAbout as far as they can go
BLet me occupy my mind
A ELet me pacify my soul
If I'm ever feeling crazy
C#m EFind the words to let you know
BThink I might stop my boyish stutter
A EThink I'd learn to let you go
BThink I'd make it through the winter
A EThink I'd find some room to grow
C#m B A EOh, these are the debts we think we know
C#m BTo wanting something I am losing touch with
A EThings I'll never live to hold
ASo I am sending out a message
BI'll get through to you somehow
AI'll surround myself with everything
BThat occupies me now
AI get drunk and I get reckless
C#m B AI get scared and I get stoned
C#m B AOh, I get scared when I'm alone
C#m B AI guess I thought you would've known
C#m B AI guess I figured it had shown
EEverytime I leave you
B A EIt gets difficult to find my way back home
B(There's got to be another choice,
A EThere's got to be an answer on your own)
Everytime I see you
B A EIt gets difficult to leave these things alone
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