Rivermaya - The Sight Of You chords

			   The Sight of You- Rivermaya
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Cp: 09082360710

Tuning :Standard

Intro: G G/C


GIndecisions are eating me up inside
I need a pill to expectorate my pride What's wrong with me? I'm losing control
GI was never good with gravity
It seems so simple yet so strenuous I can see a thoguth bubble And it goes something like CHorus:
G/C-G-G/C-G-D/F#-G/C-AmHi! Can I be your friends just for tonight?
We don't even need to talk Just speak with our eyes Just the sight of you is more than enogut II:
GThe hand that moves all day
Tick, tock, tick, tock I think I'm so out of tip top to shape
Em-Bm-A-GHuffin and puffin she blew my heart away
Blew my heart
CPlease, Please, Please
Feel free to burst my bubble (Repeat Chorus) Bridge:
C G DCan I ask for a favor
I hop you don't mind Will you let me know, will you let me know When your status, changes to out of relationship Instrumental: Repeat Chorus
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