Rivermaya - 20 Million chords

Intro: C-Em (2x)

Verse I

C20 million diamonds
EmCrown the sky tonight
CSilence for two lovers
everything CThey tell me whispering's a virtue
EmAnd holding hands' their game
C Em'Tis cold, it's cold
F And as I watch the candle
Em(burn/turn) this night
F EmMy life collects another
C FAlone in the darkness
Am G Ab Bb CI am waiting for the one
C FWhile the lovers wait for the sun
Am-G Ab BbLay I/Waiting for the
C-Bm-Am-Em-F-G (2x)one
Verse II
C Stalk the streets do lovers
Emin this town tonight
C20 million heartbeats
Emholding hands C
For them, it's darkness
Amthat's most precious
Em F GBut tell me who can I embrace
C-Bm-AmThe cold? There's no one
Em-F-Fm holdhere to hold
(repeat refrain)
Dm EmWho'll light the darkness
Em-F-G holdwith her name
Heal this blackout
--Em-F-Em-Dm-G F-
Em-Eb-G-(repeat refrain
except last 4 words of 1st line) Waiting for the one (..till fade) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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