Rivermaya - Lonely Summer Time tab


 G               Dsus
 Should i say or shall i hope
 Em              Bm
 these much i can do
 C            G
 chances been elusive seen and
 Am            Dsus  G          
 so that loving you, let me take
      Dsus         Em
 your heart desire makes me up 
                 Bm    C         
 your first love fire, then you
      G                   Am
 told how much you should that 
 i can never be.........

 G              Dsus
 waiting for the time
 Em          Bm
 wishing for love
 C           G      
 hoping that someday would
 be as so much more than

 G              Dsus   Em
 deep within my heart, i can
       Bm     C           
 never smile, deep within the
 G                  Am          
 love that keeps on hearting me
 Dsus    G              Dsus
 apart...take me to the sky
 Em             Bm   C
 hold me till i cry, makes me
 forget that one....
 Am     D7     G
 lonely summer time.....

(same chords I)
I've alone, i've been so sad
since you said goodbye,will
be friends i must pretend
though it really heart inside,
just take my heart, when you
smile and close your eyes
the day that keep stronger,
stronger day by day......

repeat refrain,chorus

 Am     D7     G
 lonely summer time........

to lang po! kayo na bahala mag arange
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