Rivermaya – Imbecillesque tab

Titile: Imbecillesque

Artist/Band: Rivermaya

Chords BY: Charlie Edsel Valera
           Student Nurse 4th level

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Intro: A-F#m-Bm7-E (2x)

A#            Gm  Cm7             F
Good morning baby, Are you still mad at me, I
A#              Gm      Cm7             F
Yes I couldn't blame you I instigated this babe
A#                            Cm7    F
Yes I acted imbecillesque I know Ohh ohh
A#                 Gm       Cm7              F
But I could have heard you  And I've been listening, but
A#          Gm
Instead my arrogance
 Cm7            F                           A#                    
Divided us and now I'm messed up big time like my guitar
       Cm              F
Coz I love you, but I hurt you

              Cm7                         F
And though I wish that I could make you smile
         Cm7             F
There is nothin' that I can do
               Cm7                    F
Excepting the little song across the miles  
             A#  Gm    Cm7
Chorus: I'm terribly sorry
F      A#        Gm   Cm7
And I hope you forgive me
F     A#   Gm    Cm7-F
I am terribly sorry
Baby . . .

Interlude: A#-Gm-Cm7-F (2x) A-F#m                    
Cm7      F
I acted totally
And now self-centered imbecillesques  
   Cm              F
I love you, but I hurt you (Refrain & Chorus)  

A#-Gm-Cm-F A#
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