Rivermaya - Tupperware Party tab

Title             : Tupperware Party
Artist            : Rivermaya

Ear Tabber        : Mark Jesson Galera

Friendster        : magnificoboy_00@yahoo.com 
	          : boybassista@yahoo.com

Contact No.       : 09198408399

School            : Lorma Colleges 
                  : Carlatan San Fernando City

Course            : Bachelor Science In Nursing
DAte of tab       : September  2007 

Chord Pattern:

D A D A e-222-|------|--222--|------|b-333-|--000-|--333--|--000-|g-222-|--222-|--222--|--222-|D-----|--222-|-------|--222-|A-----|------|-------|------|E-----|------|-------|------|
Intro: D-A-D-A D A D A Another day of pretending blending in D A D A Going around town in your chalmeleon skin G D G The people you see think they're your friend D What they don't know won't hurt them D A D Hiding behind your charming smile is a kindness A That's as smooth as a file D A D A You got out to town only with friends you need D A D-A You don't really like them bt on them you feed G D G You drink their wine and suck their blood D And when you're through you leave them in the mind D A Going all ovet the place greeting D A People with the appropriate face Chorus: A E There's a tupperware party for people like you. G D Once you get there, Im sure you know what to do D A D There;s plastic food and plastic drinks and plastic girls galore D A D-A And there's lots of room on the dancing floor
Adlib:D-A-D-ADm-A-Dm-A 94x)(Repeat chorus)
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