Rivermaya - Never The Bright Lights tab

Chord Pattern:

E A D B e------|-------|-222-|--222--|b------|--222--|-333-|--222--|g-111--|--222--|-222-|--333--|D-222--|-------|-----|--333--|A-222--|-------|-----|--222--|E------|-------|-----|-------|
E A I see the people walking down the street at night E A And they all look like they long for a fight E A It's like a dream where everybody is for sale E A In a country where there angry and the sky is pale E We always want something more A then we want it all E Then you can go back to your life A If that's what it's called E A It's such a terrible fate to be young and ugly E A To be faced with so much uncertainty E A To be faced with so much uncertainty B D-A You'd better keep on your sanity (2x) Chorus:
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