Rivers Johnny – Memphis tab

M.E.M.P.H.I.S. by The Disco Biscuits
Written by Mark "Brownie" Brownstein
Tabbed by Rich Steele
Cleaned up by thediscobiscuit

(intro/main riff)E|---------------| B|----3----------|G|1-1-1--0h1-1-1-|D|2-2-2--2---2-2-| A|2-2-2--2---2-2-|E|0-0-0--0---0-0-|
The chords for the verses go like this: ( main riff ) Well I just took a left on 57 south. play riff below after the end of each line of the verse) D) (C#) (D,C#)
E|---------------|B|-3-3--2-2--3-2-|G|-2-2--1-1--2-1-| D|-4-4--3-3--4-3-| A|---------------|E|---------------|
B A Makin easy money pimpin ho's in style. This is a easy song. figure out the rest. Its all the same chord progressions. :) Another riff later in the song:
E|-----------|B|-----------|G|-----------|D|-----------|A|----5------| (repeat)E|5h7---7-3~-|
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