Riversyde – Space chords

By: Riversyde

Key: E
Intro   E       C#     B
        E       C#     B      A

Verse 1
E C# BThe clock ticks and I wish it was broken,
E C# BAnd I can't think straight
Bwith thoughts you flooding my head
E C# BAnd we're all just slaves to the second hand
E C# Bas it ticks seven eight
Bnine and ten
E C# BSo let's fly away to the moon and run among the stars
E C# B Aand let's live upon mars your hair is red
E C# Banyways the sun will be our fireplace we fly a million miles high
E C# B Awe will breathe just to feel like we're alive, alive
Verse 2 I watch you from the atmosphere, you cry lonely, I couldn't deal with what we had, but I know something don't I wasn't all that bad, no Chorus Bridge
C# B AWhere did you go, you're nowhere to be found
C# B Ahere I am falling from space to the ground
C# B Aremember when we were all that we could be
C# B Aso tell me what saw in him and what you couldn't see in me
Chorus 2
E C#And I'll fly away to the moon and run among the stars
Band live upon mars
Chorus Alive Alive
E C# B A E C# B AWe're alive, We're alive, so alive
C# B A
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