Rjd2 - Beyond The Beyond tab

tabbed by: qweyet Gi

Alright, its not actually the solo, its the main melody riff. Real simple and there 
much continuous instrument play, except for the drums.
Leave your criticisms.

A5 Esus A5 ? C#m7 Esus A5 C#m7e|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-------10-9------10-9---10-10--9-9-------10-9------10-9---10-10--9-9-----|G|-----9---------9--------9--9---9-9-----9---------9--------9--9---9-9-----|D|---7--------------------7--7---6-6------------------------7--7-----------|A|-------------7---------------------------------7-------------------------|E|-------------------------------------9---------------------------9-9-----|
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