Rjd2 - Making Days Longer Acoustic tab

tabbed by: qweyet Gi

This song is real simple. The recording plays the verse and chorus twice.
Leave your criticisms.

Verse chords Chorus chords Fmaj Cmaj Dmin Am7 Gmaj Bb(flat)maj A7 Bb(flat)maj Fmaje|------5-----------------------3-----6-------|------------------------5---|B|------6-----5-----6-----1-----3-----6-------|-----2------3-----------6---|G|------5-----5-----7-----0-----4-----7-------|-----0------3-----------5---|D|----3-------5-----7-----2-----5-----8-------|-----2------3---------3-----|A|----------3-----5-----0-------5-----8-------|---0------1-----------------|E|----------------------------3-----6---------|----------------------------|
Intro: Fmaj Cmaj Dmaj Am7 Gmaj Bbmaj Verse: Fmaj Cmaj Dmaj Am7 It's nice to hear you say "hello." Gmaj Bbmaj And how are things with you, I love you Fmaj Cmaj Dmaj Am7 But very soon it's time to go Gmaj Bbmaj An office job to do, while I'm up here writing songs for you Bridge: Fmaj Cmaj Dmaj Am7 Gmaj Bbmaj Verse: Fmaj Cmaj Dmaj Am7 It's nice hear your voice again Gmaj Bbmaj I've waited all day long, even wrote a song for you Fmaj Cmaj Dmaj Am7 It's strange the way you make me feel Gmaj Bbmaj with just a word or two, I'd like to do the same for you Bridge: Fmaj Fmaj Fmaj Fmaj Chorus: A7 Bbmaj Fmaj Strange how a phonecall can change your day, take you away A7 Bbmaj Fmaj Away from the feeling of being alone, pass the telephone
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