Roachford - Lay Your Love On Me tab version 2

Lay Your Love On Me by Roachford

Standard tuning: E,A,D,G,B,e

Intro riff and some verse riffs:

The chord structure for the chorus is A#, F, Gm, D#.
A# F Gm D#e|--6--|--1--|--3--|--6- -11--|B|--6--|--1--|--3--|--8- -11--|G|--7--|--2--|--3--|--8- or -12--|D|--8--|--3--|--5--|--8- -13--|A|--8--|--3--|--5--|--6- -13--|E|--6--|--1--|--3--|--6- -11--|
...also some verses use this chord arrangement but played softer than the chorus. A# F Come on, come on, F Gm D# Lay your love on me, A# F Come on, come on, F Gm D# Lay your love on me. Solo? Who needs a solo, the song is great just with these chords and intro riff :). If you want to learn the solo and fiddly bits in between you will have to look elsewhere. Enjoy!!!
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