Rob Chappers – Bleed The Light tab

Tuning (this tab): Drop C# Tab difficulty: intermediate

	This is in Drop Db so all Eb and the E string is dropped down a step ;)

Except for the Power chords and the 'Stinger', Rob likes to use Hybrid picking to do the 
intro. Basically, only use the pick for the E string, use your middle and ring finger 
to pick the A and D.

In this part, roll off the volume to clean up the guitar, in the next part you will then 
bring in the volume and it sounds great.

Also, after each power chord, slap the strings with your palm ;)

After the last pull-off, roll in the volume gradually and then play this: (bend the 13 fret B string to the same pitch as the 10th fret on the E string) And again, hybrid pick the D string (the one that's usually a D string haha)
You then repeat the two parts again but with the volume full for both ;) Then here's the first part of the solo:
With this part, hybrid pick the Eb string notes:
b = Bend r = Bring back to normal note b-r = Pick the note, bend it, and then pull it back to normal v = Vibrato h = Hammer-on p = Pull-off x = Dead note (3x means Mute the 3rd fret of the g string) / = Slide That's all I know really ;) Thanks for looking and send me a message for any questions or problems ;)
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