Rob Thomas – Snowblind chords

Left handed
Capo 1



E C#mi think we're snowblind
Asus2 we've had a hard time
Amand we can't see where we are
E C#m Asus2spending our whole lives walking the same lines
Amand it doesn't seem to stop
Verse 1:
C#5 B5 this is our life
Asus2it's all that we get
B5the days are all numbered
C#5and the nights are all spent
B5losing our focus
Asus2 we're starting to drag
B5 we're running in circles
and we start to feel bad
F#m Asus2but it don't mean that this ain't right
F#m Asus2we just both need a little more time
Chorus Verse 2: he's taking my throat you're melting my hands you cause me to wonder as much as i can i feel it all over its starting to lack were spinning our wheels so hard its hard to turn back Chorus Bridge:
F#m Asus2 F#m Asus2oh, but when the night falls down on this place
F#m Asus2 Bi will be the one to hold you
when the tears run down your face Chorus
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