Rob Thomas – Streetcorner Symphony tab ver. 2

This isn't too far off of an earlier submitted version, but they missed an easy 
transposition and the intro was slightly off. I hope this one helps!

Streetcorner Symphony
by Rob Thomas

Capo 1st Fret

Intro (relative to capo):

G It's morning Bm I wake up F C The taste of summer sweetness on my mind G It's a clear day Bm In this city F Let's go dance under the street lights C All the people in this world Am Let's come together More than ever C I can feel it Can you feel it? Chorus: G Come on over Bm Come down to the corner F C My sisters and my brothers, of every different color G Bm Can't you feel that sunshine, telling you to hold tight F Things will be alright C Try to find a better life G Come on over Bm Down to the corner F C My sisters and my brothers, there for one another won't you G Come on over Bm F C Man I know you wanna let yourself go G Some people Bm It's a pity F They go all their lives and never know C How to love, how to let love go G But it's alright now Bm We'll make it through this somehow F And we'll paint the perfect picture C Am All the colors of this world will run together more than ever C I can feel it, Can you feel it? {Chorus} C G Am G We may never find our reason to shine C G Am G But here and now this is our time C G Am G And I may never find the meaning of life C G Am But for this moment I am fine C So {Chorus} Outro: G Bm Yeah, Yeah F C Yeah, it goes on and on and on and on and on and on (x3) Well there it is, hope this sounds as good to you as it does to me! Stephen K.
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