Rob Thomas - My My My tab

Artist:rob thomas
song title:my, my, my
album:...something to be
tabbed by:gLn,

G                    D/F#      Em        D             C         D
The light from the window is fading you turn on the night
G                   D/F#       Em       D          C          D
The sound from the avenue's calling you open your eyes
               C                         D               Em
And when you find you're spending your time wanting for words
                                                        D         C     
But never speak you tell yourself that the things you need come slow
But inside you just don't know

G  D/F# Em  D          C             D
My, my, my   let your bright light shine
           G  D/F#  Em--D         C           D               G D/F# Em D C D
Let your words live on      far beyond this life,beyond this life

G           D/F#     Em           D         C        D
Hold on to anything everything's over and done
         G         D/F#      Em          D            C
Has the fear taken over you tell me is that what you want to make up your
            C                    D               Em
Time after time you're falling behind hold on to me never leave
                      D          C
Forever be what you mean to me right now
Don't you feel better now
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