Robbie Fulks - Fuck This Town tab

Intro: A A F9 E9
      A                              A7
Well, I came down to Nashville in 1993
       D                                A
'Cause my friend Jim said Nashville had money growin' right on the trees
   E                                 A                    F9 E9
So I thought I'd go pick some, and I don't mean musically.
    A                                                    A7
Now it's 4 years later, and I'm wonderin' where I went wrong
D                                       A
Shook a lotta hands, ate a lotta lunch, wrote a lotta dumbass songs
      E                                       A                       F9 E9
But I couldn't get a break in Nashville, if I tried my whole life long
    A                              A7
So, fuck this town...fuck this town
D                  D9 A         
Fuck it end-to-end, fuck it up and down
E                                       C6
Can't get noticed -- can't get found -- can't get a cut, so
B     B6   A
Fuck this town.
Hey, this ain't country-western!
It's just soft-rock feminist crap!
And I thought they'd struck bottom back back in the days of Ronnie Milsap
Now they can't stop the flood of assholes: there ain't a big enough ASCAP.
Sure, I like old Tim Carroll, and BR5-49
But Nashville don't need that noise, no, 
Nashville'll do just fine
As long as there's a moron market
And a faggot in a hat to sign.
Fuck this town! Fuck this town! 
E            C B B6 A G# A7(B5)
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