Robbie Seay Band – Kingdom And A King chords

Capo 2

Verse 1
C2 G2 Em7 DMy heart is beating faster in my chest
C2 G2 Em7 DAs i sing of where my loyalties will rest
C2 G2 Em7 DTo never wait on governments to move
C2 G2 D As the broken and the poor cry out for you
C2 G2For the kingdom and the King
Em7 DFor His glory we will sing
C2 G2 DFor the rescue of our souls He has come
C2 G2For the kingdom and the cross
Em7 Dfor the triumph and the loss
C2 G2 D love has broken through and now redeemed
C2 G2 Em7 Dfor the kingdom and the King
Verse 2 (Same chord progression as Verse 1) O God may we be focused on the least A people balancing the fasting and the feast A call to give, to serve and celebrate For you are great, O my God You are great Pre-Chorus (second time through)
C2 G2 Em7 DSo I pledge to know and love You above all
C2 G2 Em7 DMay we be the ends to free them we are called
C2 G2 D Em7Our hope is not in this land not in these laws not in these things
C2 G2 DWe rest knowing your love has called us to move
Em7 C2 G2Called us to sing to sing..sing
D Em7 C2 G2and the people will sing.. sing.. sing..
D Em7 C2 DOh the people will sing for the King for the King
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