Robbie Williams – Morning Sun tab

Robbie Williams - Morning Sun

AM          C               F       
How do you rate the morning sun ,
After a long a sleepless night
EM                                   AM
How many stars would you give to the moon?
G                                      F
Do you see those stars from where you are?
Shine on the lost and lonely ,
Ab                          EM7
The ones who can't get over it
D7                          F      
You always wanted more than life , 
D/F#                       G
But now you don't have the appetite
A                         Ab   
In a message to the troubadour , 
G                        D/F#
The world don't love you anymore
F                  C                 AM
Tell me how do you rate the morning sun?
G                      F  
Stuck inside the rainbow ,
You could happen to be
E7                               AM          
Cause I've been close to where you are , 
        G                   F
DROVE TO places you haven't seen
It all seems so familiar , 
E7                        D7
Like they've been sent to kill'ya
It doesn't take an astronaut , 
D/F#                              G
To float in a space is just a thought
The morning brings a mystery , 
C                    D/F#
The evening makes it history
F                                 C
TELL ME HOW YOU  rate the morning sun?
And the village drunk  , 
F           Ab           C7
You know he sadly passed away,
C           F                   C
It was a shame I never knew his name ,
I wonder if he sat there in the morning
Ab            C   Bb  F  
Watched the sunrise
AM         C                F       
How do you rate the morning sun ,
It's just to heavy for me
E7      A                  E7                
And all I wanted was the world ,
AM       G                            F
And you were the star that lit the sun
G                     E           
Don't go wasting your time , 
Cause there is no finish line
D                  F              
And you don't see anything,  
D                  G
Not even love not anything,
The night can take the man from you , 
C                 D
A sense of wonder overdue
E                     C 
The morning brings a mystery , 
The evening makes it history
F            C                F
Who am I to rate the morning sun?
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