Robbie Williams - Wont Do That chords

Intro: | G    Am7| D | X 2

Verse1: | G Bm | B/C# Em | C | C G | X 2In this bag of stuff I brought to you
You didnít mind sorting it through You would never be the trouble and strife If I made you my Swiss army wife
Pre: | G F | E | Am | D | I could give this up I could walk away
It doesnít fill me up it didnít anyway
Chorus: | G | G/F# | G/F | G/E | I wonít do that to you, wonít do that to you
Intro: Verse2: I donít mind when the boys look at you If I was them Iíd be doing it too I mean more to you than handbags and shoes Iím so sorry thereís been a few Pre2: I donít trust too much I donít love enough But Iím giving up all this giving up Chorus: Intro: Verse instr. Intro: Verse3: Suddenly Iím not the jealous guy Another sign that weíre doing it right Pre2: Chorus:
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