Robbie Williams - Killing Me chords

Robbie Williams-Killing Me

A6		x07670
Em/A		x05450
Dm6/A		x0343x
A		x02220
Em7		022030
Gadd9		3x0203
Dm		xx0231
G		320033
C		x32010
Am		x02210
Esus4		022200
E		022100
G#aug 	xx2110
C/G   	3x2010
Am/F# 	2x2210
Fmaj7/A	x03210
G/B		x20033
E7sus4	020200
Am7		x02010
D7/A		x04535

A6   Em/A   Dm6/A  A  x2

Verse w/intro
I don't mind the abuse,
It fills in time, when I'm not much use,

Em7 Gadd9But its killing me,
w/intro Killing me slowly. Verse They all say, I'm too restless but, Words cut deep, when you're defenseless, Chorus And they're killing me, Killing me slowly. Middle
Dm There was a time when we were fine,
GAnd I could tolerate you,
CI do believe that you should leave,
Am7Because I've grown to hate you,
DmShould I be weak and turn my cheek,
GBecause I'm scared to fall,
Esus4 EBut I just don't know you and you don't know me at all.
Verse I've been told, that love's a celebration, But, I've lost faith, through frustration, Chorus And it's killing me, Killing me slowly. Bridge
Am G#augYou paint my picture black,
C/G Am/F#The jokes on me, and I don't wanna laugh,
Fmaj7/A G Remeber the good times, won't you bring them back,
Fmaj7/A G/B Esus4Someday, somehow.
Verse I don't mind feeling blue, If I could smile just like you do, Chorus And it's killing me, Killing me slowly. Bridge I can't go on alone, Pretending nothings wrong. Maybe I just want to belong, Someday, somehow.
G/B E7sus4Somehow
Outro A Am7 D7/A A x4
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