Robbie Williams - Supreme chords

Dm Gm COh, it seemed forever stopped today all the lonely hearts in London
FCaught a plane and flew away
DmAnd all the best women are married
Fm6All the handsome men are gay
A Asus4 AYou feel deprived
Dm GmYeah are you questioning your size?
CIs there a tumour in your humour?
FAre there bags under your eyes?
DmDo you leave dents where you sit?
Fm6Are you getting on a bit?
A Asus4 AWill you survive? You must survive…
Dm Dsus2 Bb When there's no love in town
F AThis new century keeps bringing you down
Dm Dsus2 BbAll the places you have been
F ATrying to find a love supreme
DmA love supreme
Dm GmOh, what are you really looking for?
CAnother partner in your life
F To abuse and to adore?
DmIs it lovey dovey stuff?
Fm6Do you need a bit of rough?
A Asus4 AGet on your knees
Dm GmYeah turn down the love songs that you hear
C'Cause you can't avoid the sentiment
FThat echoes in your ear
DmSaying love will stop the pain
Fm6Saying love will kill the fear
A Asus4 ADo you believe? You must believe…
Chorus Instrumental: Dm - Gm - C - F - Dm - E - Asus4 - A Bridge:
DmI spy with my little eye
GmSomething beginning with (ah)
Got my back up
CAnd now she's screaming
So I've got to turn the track up
FSit back and watch the royalties stack up
DmI know this girl she likes to switch teams
Fm6 A Asus4 - AAnd I'm a fiend but I'm living for a love supreme
Chorus Finish:
Dm Dmsus2 BbCome and get a love supreme
FDon't let it get you down
AEverybody lives for love (5x)
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