Robbie Williams – Supreme tab

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> robbie williams-supreme<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

intro: Gm, Dm

Verse 1:
Dm              Gm                             C                    
oh, its seems forever stopped today, all the lonely hearts in london caught a 
plane and flew away,
Dm                                                           Em7
and all the best women are married, all the handsom men are gay,
feel deprived.

Verse 2:
Dm               Gm
Yeah, are you questioning your size?
            C                                Dm
is there a tumour in your humour, are there bags under your eyes?
              Dm                            Em7
do you leave dents where you sit? are you getting on a bit?
will you survive?
you must survive.

            Dm          Gm               Am                   A
when theres no love in town, this new century is bringing me down,
           Dm            Gm              Am            A
all the places you have been, trying to find a love supreme
a love supreme.

verse 3:
Dm                 Gm                          C                          Dm    
oh, what are you really looking for? another partner in your life, too abusing

to adore?
       Dm                                Em                               A 
is it love thats done its stuff? do you need a bit o rough? get on your knees

verse 4:
Dm                   Gm 
yeah, turn down the love songs that your hear,
         C                              Dm
cos you cant avoid the sentement that echoes in your ear,
sing a love will stop the pain
        Em                               Am
sing a love will cure the fear, do you believe?
you must believe.

chorus, repeat to fade.
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