Robert De Visee – Suite No 8 For Guitar In G - 1 Prelude tab

SUITE IN E - Prelude - ROBERT DE VISEE (1650-1725)

[transposed from Suite No 8 for Guitar in G]

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tuning - E A D G B E

  Q=90    2/2

Q E E Q E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E Q E E E E E E|----------0------0-|-----------4-5---|------------------|----5-4----2---4-||--------0------0---|---5-7---------7-|---7-9-------9-10-|-9---------0-----||-------------------|-------4---------|-------9---8------|-9---------------||-----6-------------|-----------------|------------------|-----------------||---7--------7------|-6---------------|------------------|-7------6----2---||-------------------|---------7-------|-0-------7--------|-----------------| E E Q. Q. H H H H H Q Q
3/4 E E E E E E E E E E E E E Q E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E|---0-----2-0-|---------0---|---------0-2-|----------0-2---|------0-------||---0---2-----|-4-----0---4-|---2---2-----|---2-3tr5-------|----0---3-2-0-||-------------|---2---------|-------------|----------------|-0------------||-------------|-------------|-------------|--------------4-|--------------||-4---1-------|-2-----------|-0---1-------|-2--------------|--------------||-------------|-----4-------|-------------|----------------|--------------| Q H Q H Q H H E H.
E Q E E E Q E E E E a Q E E E E E E Q. E|-------------|------------|--------------|------0------2----||---------2-3-|-0--------2-|----------0---|----0-------------||-------------|-4------4---|-4-2----2---2-|-1----------------||---4---4-----|-4----3-----|---4--1-------|-2-------2-1------||-1---0-------|-0----------|--------------|------------------||-------------|----4-------|---2----------|------------------| Q H Q H Q H Q. E Q
2/2 |-3-| |-3-| |-3-| |-3-| |-3-| |-3-| |-3-|
E S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S|-----4-5-7-5-4-2-0-2---0-----------0-2---0-2----||---7---------------------4-2-0-2-4-----4--------||------------------------------------------------||------------------------------------------------||---------------------2--------------------------||-0----------------------------------------------| H H
|-3-| |-3-| |-3--| |-3-|
S S S S S S S S S S S S E T S T E. S W|-4-2-4-0-2-4-5--4-2----------------------|-!0--------*||--------------------5-4-5-2-2-4-5-4tr5-5-|-!0--------*||----------------------------------2------|-----------*||-----------------------------------------|-!6--------*||----------------------------------2------|-!7--------*||-0-----------2---------------------------|-!0--------*| Q Q. E Q
*************************************************************** Duration Legend --------------- W - whole H - half Q - quarter E - 8th S - 16th T - 32nd X - 64th a - acciaccatura . - note dotted Irregular groupings are notated above the duration line. Duration letters will always appear directly above the note/fret number they represent the duration for. Low melody durations appear below the staff. Other Legend ------------ tr - trill | - bar || - double bar *| - double bar (ending)
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